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Sometimes basic Life insurance isn't the right choice. Farmers EssentialLife® Universal Life is designed to provide protection that fits your changing financial situation with:

  • Flexible coverage
  • Options for timing and method of premium payment
  • Many useful features and options, to tailor coverage to your personal needs

Farmers EssentialLife® Universal Life policies could help you in your preparation for the future.

Farmers EssentialLife® Universal Life (Policy Form 2006-044)


Farmers EssentialLife® Universal Life policy combines the advantages of permanent protection and competitive cash value accumulation with the flexibility to adjust the time and amount of premiums, and the type and amount of death benefit. (Some changes require underwriting approval.)

This flexibility lets the product fit your changing insurance needs for a lifetime. It works hard to keep up with your current and future needs. It allows you to change the type of coverage and the death benefit while offering an outstanding cash accumulation program.

Farmers EssentialLife® Universal Life can adjust to help provide:

  • Optimum insurance protection
  • Maximized income
  • Income Tax-favored status for faster growth1

Farmers EssentialLife® Universal Life Benefits

  • Coverage - We offer a low minimum coverage to help you get started. Permanent coverage is available in amounts as low as $75,000 ($50,000 for juveniles and over age 50).
  • Premium - A minimum premium is required the first year, with the option of changing the timing or amount of payment afterwards.
  • Cash value - Every month cash value is credited to the policy to give you full benefits from the time you pay your premium. You also get competitive interest rates.
  • Farmers Customer Discount - Receive a discount of up to 20% on the Monthly Underwriting and Sales Expense Charge of your policy if you have a qualifying Auto, Home, additional Life insurance policy, or Annuity with Farmers.2

Flexible options: Increasing Death Benefit (Option A): The death benefit is the total of the current face amount and accumulation account.

Level Death Benefit (Option B): The total death benefit is the current face amount.

Changing Death Benefit Options:

You may change death benefit options after the first policy year, but no more than one change is allowed annually.

Policy Loans:

Even in the first policy year, you may take loans against all or part of the loan, provided the policy has a cash surrender value.. The Loan value is the cash value less (1) loan interest to the next policy anniversary date, less (2) three monthly deductions for policy costs or if less than three, the number due prior to the next policy anniversary date. The maximum loan interest rate is 7%.

Partial Surrenders:

(withdrawals) can be made after the first policy year subject to one partial surrender per calendar quarter, a $500 minimum and an amount not to exceed 75 percent of the cash value. Partial surrenders during the first nine policy years will incur a surrender charge.


Waiver of Deduction Benefit Rider3

Owner Waiver of Deduction Benefit4

Monthly Disability Benefit Rider5

Accidental Death Benefit6

Children's Term Insurance Rider7

Additional Insured Rider8

Automatic Increase Benefit Rider9

Accelerated Benefit Rider for Terminal Illness10

1 This document is for informational purposes only. You should consult your attorney, accountant, or tax advisor for legal or tax advice. 2 A 20% discount applies to the Monthly Underwriting and Sales expense Charge during the first 5 years after policy issuance. 3 Policy form 2006-90 (UL) DSW series 4 Policy form 2006-92 (UL) Owner WD series

5 Policy form 2006-103 (UL) MDB series 6 Policy form 1991-100 (038) ADB series 7 Policy form 2006-107 (UL) CTIR series 8 Policy form 2006-544 (UL) AIR series 9 Policy form 2006-310 (UL) Al series 10 Policy form 2004-127 ABR-Tl series

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